Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lipstick Heaven - Makeup Review

Now I am definitely no makeup expert but I am a make-up junkie and love everything to do it. However when it comes to lip products I am particularly picky. I have naturally very small red lips so I find it hard to find a lipstick that has a pigment strong enough to cover my own colour, or one that doesn't make my lips look even smaller. So if your like me, in lipstick hell, maybe you'd be enlightened to see some of best and worst lip products!

My new favourite lippy is this Kate Moss Lasting Finish Collection in 001 £5.49

First of all the packaging is great, sleek, compact and stylish, definitely won't be embarrassed pulling this one out at the dinner table. Secondly the pigment is great and completely masks my own lip colour. It has enough traction to last at least until lunch time and there's a light sheen to this which I think makes it more "human" especially for day time wear.          

Top Picture (left to Right)  &  Bottom Picture (top to bottom):  

1.  Maybelline Sensation 540 Hollywood Red - Whats great about this collection is that each lipstick comes with a perfect pre matched lip liner. For me sometimes the Hollywood Red liner is enough (applied over the whole lip) but the lipstick slighty softens the red with a mauvey/berry tone. Although the colour is great it's quite sheer and will definitely need to be re-applied during the day. The Liner is a MUST for this one. 

2. Kate Moss Lasting Finish Collection in 008 - Again another great pigment from Rimmel this time a more pink/brown tone than 001. A great colour for day time/work. 

3. No 17 (by Boots)  Barely Blush Supreme Shine - This is a very sheer and shiny lip colour and probably needs a few applications but I just love this colour. It's a very summery pink and would be perfect for a holiday makeup bag. For those with a pale lip I'd say this a must, it has a very smooth, quick and easy application, No mirror needed!

4. Viva Tesco Shade 8 Barely There - This is probably my least favourite of all 4 products. I'm not a great fan of the chubby body or metallic colour. It's quite 80's in its packaging and not in a cool vintage way! The colour I guess is a nudey almost peachy colour but its too sheer and slick to really tell. This definitely doesn't last long and I can't think of anyone who would suit it!

To be honest the lip products I use EVERYDAY are balms! I cannot go a whole day without the need to apply one or else I get the dreaded nippy lip burn. My favourites are the medicated/minty ones, these soothe my lips but also give a nice little tingle. 

I've probably used about 20 of these little pots of heaven and I'm not about to change. It keeps my lips soft and hydrated which is particularly important to a Scottish lass due to our less than tropical climate!

Probably my second favourite (if the Blistex runs out) is Nivea lip butter in Raspberry Rose.
As well as soothing/hydrating and all the rest of it, its' slighty pink/white pigment makes my lips looks paler, less irritated and gives them a lovely colour. 

These represent the best and worst of my lipstick box and hope that this may help a few of those who are in Lipstick Hell. 

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  1. The Kate Moss lipstick looks great on you! Makes your lips look really full, will def have to try it out!