Saturday, 10 November 2012

Miss Glasgow

After almost a year since my first post I better get my finger out and start blogging.

A lot has happened in a year, I've graduated with a BSc in Applied Biomedical Science, got a new job and started a new course in Forensic Medicine! It all seems busy busy busy but I think I've finally found enough time to write to my blogini's.

I spose the most interesting thing to happen recently was the Miss Glasgow competition. I entered as a bit of light hearted fun and actually made it to the final 12! After weeks of prepping and manic episodes of Nothing-to-wear-Syndrome the night of the final (2nd November) had finally and I was so excited.

The competition took place in Glasgows' Alea Casino, which is a gorgeous venue but definitely too expensive for my "pound-a-drink" palette.

I think the best part of the whole competition was meeting the 11 other girls, which sounds cheesy and corny but it's true! I didn't enter to win but to meet new and different people and to add a bit of excitement into life!

There was four rounds:

1 st round; Casual wear

Now this is definitely NOT my impression of casual but a girl has got to impress!

2nd round; Swimwear

I sported mix and match swimwear from ASOS and blinged it up with accessories from New Look and shoes from JC Penneys.
**Disclaimer; Not how actually looks on beach #sweatymess

3rd round: Charity Shop

This was probably my favourite round, each girl had to choose a charity shop and select an entire outfit from said shop. I choose Cancer Research on Byres Road, as well as having some gorgeous clothes the majority of earnings goes to the Beatson at Gartnaval in Glasgow (No excuse not to shop!!) 

4th and final round; Evening Wear

As you have probably guessed by the lack of boasting I didn't win the Miss Glasgow title, but I had an amazing time meeting the girls and everyone involved. 

If anything I gained a bit more confidence, despite being pushed out my comfort zone, and I think I made a few friends out of it!

Life Lesson; Just Go For It!!

Love and Peace,

Gubby x 

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