Monday, 12 November 2012

The Statement Earring!

Gone are days were a single pearl or gold ring were the staple ear bling of choice. 

If they're not causing serious ear lobe dis formation they're NOT making a statement!

The best thing about the majority of "statement" i.e. big and bold jewellery, is that you wont find it in Goldsmiths or Rox. It's cheap, it's cheerful and it's fun.

And if your going to add only one accessory to an outfit let it be an earring! No matter if your hair is up or down and your clothes are scoop or polo neck there's always space for a set of sparkling ear charms. 

Here are some of my own favourites

New Look 

New Look 

New Look 

So whether your style is grunge, rock, pink & pretty or just full on in-your-face GLAM, there's an earring out there for you and all these were under £10, hardly bank busting. 

My tip is to go for your basic colours; blue, black, gold and silver. Although pinks and neons are gorgeous and fun colours, you'll be hard pushed to get them to match every outfit in your wardrobe and for me they just aren't flattering around a pretty little face. 

It can be quite daunting to wear massive metal contraptions on your head but trust me they give you confidence even Sasha Fierce would be jealous of! 

N.B. No hoops. J.LO 2000. Enough Said 

Love and Peace 


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